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My apologies for not posting much these pat few days, just got very busy and trying to meet the deadline. Hopefully, I will be posting my works (additional pages from my manga) this weekend. ūüôā

The pages include the front page, chapter page and 4 additional content pages. As of now, this chapter will focus more about Greek mythology followed by Egyptian mythology, Norse mythology and lastly, Aztec Mythology.

Also, the following chapters will be about how these gods ( I won’t give any clue ūüėõ ) spend their days as mere mortals, how they see that the world they ruled before is very different from the world they are living with now.

Follow Kazuya, Lee Gyul, Lu Hsien and Tetsuo as they continue to live their lives with these said gods…

Set and Osiris

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Osiris Rising from His Bier

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Set and Osiris were brothers who vowed to protect their sun-god Ra. Set was known as the god of the desert and accompanied Ra during his descent to the underworld (here, Set, with Bastet protected Ra against the snake Apep). Osiris, on the other hand, was the god of fertility and the husband of Isis.

Out of jealousy, with Ra in favor of Osiris to rule the lower and upper Egypt (take note that Osiris’ crown/headdress is the combination of the crown for upper and lower Egypt), Set had became determined to take what he believed to be rightfully his. Staging his plot, he waited for Osiris to return. He called on some of his loyal men to make a box (like a coffin) that could fit only Osiris; Set made sure the measurements of the “box” were Osiris’. When Osiris arrived, they celebrated and feasted, and Set announced that he would give a reward to someone that would fit in the box. Several tried but they could not. Set persuade Osiris to try it on, and Osiris accepted.

As soon as Osiris was in, Set closed the box to make sure that Osiris would not escape. It was also said that Set had thrown the box with Osiris in it into the river Nile. Osiris died but eventually Isis, Osiris’ wife, performed a ritual to bring him back from the dead. She succeeded in doing so and when Set learned of this, he proceeded to kill his brother again, this time, after killing Osiris, he tore and chopped him apart and scattered his corpse all over the land.

Again, Isis succeeded in finding her husband’s remains and brought it back to life. Even though Osiris was a god, since he died, he could not live with them, as well as the mortals, thus making him an underworld god.

Osiris’ death was later avenged by Horus, son of Isis and Osiris.

It was also said that the process of embalming and mummification started on Osiris.

Such was their story.

Tezcatlipoca and Xilonen

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Xilonen and Tezcatlipoca
my version of  Xilonen and Tezcatlipoca

Tezcatlipoca¬† was known as the Aztec god of the night sky and sorcery. Among the four major Aztec gods, he was considered as the most handsome and perpetually young. His name could be translated as the “Smoking Mirror” and also a protector of the slaves, patron of warriors.

He was also known to have four wives. They were Atlatonan, Huixtocihuatl, Xilonen and Xochiquetzal. Atlatonan was known as the goddess of the lepers and of borne with physical deformities. Huixtocihuatl, on the other hand, was the goddess of salt and salt water. She was also one of Tlaloc‘s sisters. Xilonen, whose name could be translated to “hairy one”, was the goddess of the corn. She was also known as Tezcatlipoca’s favored wife. Last would be Xochiquetzal, known as the goddess of love, beauty and flowers.

Each of these divinities had their own festivals, and in this festival, human sacrifice was very common. Human sacrifice, the Aztecs believed, would make their gods happy and nourished.



*bear in mind that some of these info may not be the same as the others on the net. On some instances, for example, for Atlatonan, in some accounts she was regarded as an earth goddess. For clarifications or info don’t hesitate to share it! ūüėÄ

The King and Queen

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Zeus & Héra, dessin du bas-relief d'un autel r...

Zeus and Hera

Hera was not at all interested in this arrogant, young Zeus and would not let him near her. But of course, Zeus won’t allow such thing; to be driven away like Hera did.

Waiting for the right time, Zeus spotted Hera bathing in a secluded falls. Immediately Zeus transformed himself into a cuckoo and created a thunderstorm that drenched him thoroughly. Finding the little bird wet and hurt, the kindly Hera picked him up and cradle him close to her chest. In the blink of an eye Zeus immediately changed back into his usual form and raped her.

To save herself and not to lose her dignity, a wedding was arranged and everyone was jubilant for Hera (at that time became the Queen of the Heavens). Everyone thought that she would manage to change Zeus a little bit.

According to some sources, their marriage got off to a good start, with their honeymoon lasting over 300 years!

The Dangerous Mistletoe

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"Each arrow overshot his head" by El...

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Balder, Odin and Frigg‘s son, was bothered by nightmares, and when they learned of it, Odin and Frigg decided they have to do something. They knew that their son was destined to die, and with all their powers they decided to prevent his death.

Frigg extracted an oath to every living and non-living thing: the oath is not to cause pain and even death to Balder. Almost everyone had said their oath, however, Frigg neglected the small shrub called mistletoe, for she thought it’s too small to harm her beloved son.

When the gods and goddesses heard of this, they rejoiced, for they believed that their beloved Balder was saved.

Loki, the famous trickster disguised as an old woman, went to see Frigg. Upon doing so, he learned that only the mistletoe was discarded. So, Loki helped himself by cutting a small twig of mistletoe, sharpened its tip and proceed with his trick.

Loki found the gods and goddesses throwing swords, aiming arrows and other things to the invincible Balder. These weapons brought Balder no harm. Far from the crowd stood Balder’s brother Hod, a blind god. Loki went and ask him why he’s alone and not joining in. Hod replied bitterly that obviously, he’s blind. Loki told him that he must join the group in throwing weapons to Balder, and that he would guide him, too. Hod agreed and Loki handed him the sharpened mistletoe, aimed it at Balder’s heart, and let it go.

The twig went straight to Balder’s heart and everyone was shocked and horrified to see Balder dropped dead.

Such was the story of the mistletoe.

Artemis the Virgin Huntress

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Artemis, Greek goddess of the Hunt

Artemis, Greek goddess of the Hunt

As a child, Artemis asked her father Zeus to remain eternal virgin, and she became one of the three virgin goddesses in the Greek Pantheon (there are three virgin goddesses–Athena, Artemis and Hestia). Artemis would love to explore the wild, the mountains and she had absolute sovereignty over nature.

Artemis was usually accompanied by Nymphs and Oceanids, Artemis wanted that her followers, also huntresses, would stay virgin just as she was. She loved to hunt with arrows dipped in poison.

It was also said that when a woman died a sudden death, it was Artemis responsible for it.

Aztec Rules


The Aztecs liked war so much that they were into it like 4-5 times a year.

There are two reasons: First is to let the other tribe knew how powerful they are. The losing tribe would pay them crops, gold or other valuable goods or what the Aztec demanded. Second reason was to get some people/warriors from the losing tribe to sacrifice to the Aztecs’ gods.

The Royal Meal

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Aztec ritual human sacrifice portrayed in the ...

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The Aztec people also enjoyed eating some human flesh from their victim. After the ritual was done (the sacrifice wherein the high priest will rip open the victim’s chest to get the still-beating heart) and the blood and heart were offered to their gods, the victim’s body will be given to the warrior who conquer them as a reward.¬† There were also some accounts that said even their royalties and kings prefer to eat the thighs and arms of their victims and boiled them in a pot or cauldron of potatoes, tomatoes and chillies!

The Real Hel

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An illustration by Willy Pogany from a chapter...

the Jormungandr(the Midgard serpent), Fenrir wolf, and Hel

Considering Odin as the Chief Norse god, still he had no power or control over Hel, the Norse goddess of the dead.

This goddess was not considered an Aesir nor a Vanir, instead, she, with her brothers Jormungandr (the Midgard serpent) and Fenris (also known as the Fenrir wolf) was seen to bring destruction to the gods. A prophecy once was foretold that they would bring harm and destruction not only for Asgard but for the 9 worlds as well(the 9 worlds will be discussed soon). With this prophecy, Odin decided to get rid of them(these, I will discuss sooner), giving Hel the underworld as her realm.

Hel was often recognized with her half body decaying or black in color, sometimes similar to that of a corpse, and the other half normal like a god’s.


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Tlaloc, Collection E. Eug. Goupil, 17th century

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Tlaloc was an Aztec god of rain, fertility and water. Considered as a war-freak and unsatisfied god, when he’s in a bad mood he would send drought and famine in the land. To appease him, the Aztec priests would sacrifice children from 8 years and below. They would either cut their fingers or pull their fingernails one by one to make them cry. Their cries were like music to Tlaloc’s ears. Also, the priests would try to collect their tears also to be sacrificed to him.

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