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In a certain account, it is said that the goddess of the hunt Artemis once fell in love. Upon doing so, his brother, Apollo had this jealous streak.

When Artemis fell in love with the hunter Orion, Apollo missed his sister’s company and affection.

Knowing that the mighty hunter Orion was swimming in the ocean, Apollo went to find Artemis and told her to come with him. He went on and tricked Artemis and pointing to Orion’s head, visible on the horizon, Apollo said, “See that thing floating in the waves? It seems like you can’t hit that!” Artemis, feeling degraded, went on and aim for the target.

With her unerring aim, she unknowingly killed the man she loved. Realizing what she had done, she quickly grabbed the dying hunter and placed him in the sky, thus we all know today as the constellation “Orion”.

She never loved again.

*this is just one of the numerous accounts about Orion. Some accounts say that Orion was once a hunting companion to Artemis and the two never fell in love with each other.