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For whatever reason, Zeus failed to bond with his son, the war god Ares.
It may also be weird that considering Ares as the only son Zeus had with Hera (in legal terms, since Hera is Zeus’ queen-wife), Zeus was not even concerned when young Ares went missing a few years later and didn’t quite exert much effort looking for his poor son.

Unknowingly, the young Ares had been kidnapped by the giant Aloadai twins, who locked him in a bronze jar. Ares stayed captive in the bronze jar, and with Hermes‘ help he was saved.

Upon returning to Olympus, Hera decided that Ares’ might be better off living somewhere else and arranged for him to live with Priapus, one of the minor deities. This deity  trained the young Ares in the art of dancing, and, later, in the martial arts.

Even though Ares was well-trained and known as the god of war, he wasn’t a great fighter and lost many of his battles (including the popular Trojan War),
especially those dealing with his half-sister and arch-enemy Athena, the goddess of wisdom as well as the goddess of war (not to mention being Daddy’s favorite).