Odin and Frigg

younger versions of Odin and Frigg

Odin, the Norse god of wisdom, is known for being a one-eyed god. One-eyed? It is so because he sacrificed his eye to take a drink in Mimir’s well to gain wisdom and see what the future holds for them. He also has Munnin and Huggin, two ravens that fly across the world (Midgard) and then rest at his shoulders, telling him what the mortals did and some knowledge from the world, too.

Frigg (sometimes Frigga) is his queen-wife. Odin, like Zeus, indulged in several affairs. However, Frigg, unlike Hera, feels no hate and jealousy on her husband’s whereabouts. It is she who encouraged Odin to do so, for the sake of wisdom and knowledge. Frigg is the goddess of the sky, in which she spent her time weaving clouds. She is also a seer, with the ability to see the future, but never dare to tell it to anyone.