The twins, Apollo and Artemis, a perfect epitome of opposites, like the moon and the sun.

Their mother, Leto, is the daughter of  Titan Coeus and Titaness Phoebe. Little is known about her, except the fact that she’s the mother of Apollo and Artemis. Zeus caught sight of her, and in that union brought forth the twins.

What makes her so famous is that when the time comes for her to give birth, Hera decreed that no one, no place should lend a hand to her. She is to give birth and find a place alone. With the decree given, it is easy to presume that all follows Hera the Queen’s order. Poor Leto wandered alone, looking for a place to deliver her children. No one accepts her, or is even willing to help her.

Until she came into a little, floating piece of land in the sea. Leto thought that  this island was alone, and so is she. She asked for permission to settle on this island, and this the little, floating piece of land welcomed her gladly. The moment Leto set foot on the lonely place, flowers bloom and 4, magnificent pillars rose from the bottom of the sea and hold the once, lonely island forever. In this island, Leto delivers her first born, the Goddess Artemis. Artemis also helped her mother to deliver his brother, Apollo, safely.

Artemis became the Goddess who assisted women in childbirth. Women called out her name so that she would help them deliver their child. At a young age, Artemis went to his father Zeus to ask for a number of ladies-in-waiting, but these ladies should follow her lead. Artemis is the Virgin Goddess of the Hunt, she protects the wildlife, especially the young and she vows never to marry. These examples and rules she set out to her ladies-in-waiting, and each vows to follow her lead. Artemis is also regarded as the Goddess of the Moon. When women died a swift death, it is said t hat she was  killed by one of her swift arrows.

Apollo was the God of Light, of the Sun. He was also regarded as the God of Truth, where only truth comes from his mouth. He was a skilled musician as well, and whenever he plays his lyre with the Muses dancing and singing, no one will be lonely and everybody will feel happiness and contentment. Like his father Zeus, Apollo was also involved and loved several women, mortal and goddesses like. Among his famous lovers was Daphne, who turned into a laurel tree.