Valkyries, the Choosers of the Slain

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In Norse mythology, Valkyries are the maidens following Odin‘s orders, and roaming the battlefields, deciding which warrior’s soul to take with them to Valhalla. Valhalla is a hall in Asgard where brave souls of warriors went, feasting with the great god Odin. Valkyries look fierce in the battlefield, while in Valhalla, they are the ones attending to the warriors’ needs, serving them while partying and feasting with Odin.

Below are some of the great renditions and illustrations of a Valkyrie, each art done by talented artists from DeviantArt. So, take a look at the illustrations below and make sure to visit each artist‘s page. Believe me, these artists really are great and talented! Enjoy! ūüôā More


Yggdrasil – The World Tree of the Norsemen



Sounds familiar, right? We may hear this somewhere, but do we know exactly what Yggdrasil is?

Yggdrasil is a huge, ash tree that is known to shelter the nine worlds: More

The Real Hel

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An illustration by Willy Pogany from a chapter...

the Jormungandr(the Midgard serpent), Fenrir wolf, and Hel

Considering Odin as the Chief Norse god, still he had no power or control over Hel, the Norse goddess of the dead.

This goddess was not considered an Aesir nor a Vanir, instead, she, with her brothers Jormungandr (the Midgard serpent) and Fenris (also known as the Fenrir wolf) was seen to bring destruction to the gods. A prophecy once was foretold that they would bring harm and destruction not only for Asgard but for the 9 worlds as well(the 9 worlds will be discussed soon). With this prophecy, Odin decided to get rid of them(these, I will discuss sooner), giving Hel the underworld as her realm.

Hel was often recognized with her half body decaying or black in color, sometimes similar to that of a corpse, and the other half normal like a god’s.

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