The Four Goddesses of Dioses


The Four Goddesses of Dioses

The Four Goddesses of Dioses

Listed below are my characters in Dioses, the following being some of the goddesses found in the manga. Each goddess is unique and bear in mind that these goddesses are of my own version. So, there, enjoy reading! ūüôā

ATLATONAN : There are confusions regarding her domain. Some say she is the Aztec goddess of lepers and those who are born with physical deformities. On some accounts, an Earth goddess or goddess of the coast. She is also known as Atlatonin. She is also one of the four wives of the Jaguar-god Tezcatlipoca.

BASTET :¬† The Egyptian Cat goddess. There are also confusions, though. On some accounts, it is said that she is the one sent by Ra to destroy the mankind. The humans, at that time, are all wicked and cursed Ra’s great name. So, the council of the gods, with Ra, decided to destroy them and thus Bastet was sent to slay them. That’s one version, come say the goddess Hathor did it. She is also called Bast. She is the goddess of music, dancing, pleasure¬† and merry-making.

FRIGG : The queen-wife of Odin, king of the Norse gods. She is the goddess of marriage, also of love (though some accounts say that Freya is the goddess of Love) . She is seen as the goddess who weaves the clouds. She also has the capability to see the future but told no one about what she sees. She has lots of attendants, the most popular is Fulla. When Balder is terrified by his nightmares, it is his mother, Frigg, who extracted the oaths from all the living and non-living things not to hurt Balder. But this failed because Balder is killed by a tiny twig of mistletoe. By the way, Friday is named after her.

HERA :¬† The queen of the gods, she is Zeus’ wife. She is also the goddess of marriage. Their union produced Ares, god of war, Hebe, goddess of youth and cupbearer of the gods, and Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth. She bore Hephaestus alone. Some of the popular stories about her is her jealousy and anger towards her husbands’s women. Her sacred animal is the peacock, whose eyes once belong to Argos, her faithful follower whom Hermes killed.


Set and Osiris

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Osiris Rising from His Bier

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Set and Osiris were brothers who vowed to protect their sun-god Ra. Set was known as the god of the desert and accompanied Ra during his descent to the underworld (here, Set, with Bastet protected Ra against the snake Apep). Osiris, on the other hand, was the god of fertility and the husband of Isis.

Out of jealousy, with Ra in favor of Osiris to rule the lower and upper Egypt (take note that Osiris’ crown/headdress is the combination of the crown for upper and lower Egypt), Set had became determined to take what he believed to be rightfully his. Staging his plot, he waited for Osiris to return. He called on some of his loyal men to make a box (like a coffin) that could fit only Osiris; Set made sure the measurements of the “box” were Osiris’. When Osiris arrived, they celebrated and feasted, and Set announced that he would give a reward to someone that would fit in the box. Several tried but they could not. Set persuade Osiris to try it on, and Osiris accepted.

As soon as Osiris was in, Set closed the box to make sure that Osiris would not escape. It was also said that Set had thrown the box with Osiris in it into the river Nile. Osiris died but eventually Isis, Osiris’ wife, performed a ritual to bring him back from the dead. She succeeded in doing so and when Set learned of this, he proceeded to kill his brother again, this time, after killing Osiris, he tore and chopped him apart and scattered his corpse all over the land.

Again, Isis succeeded in finding her husband’s remains and brought it back to life. Even though Osiris was a god, since he died, he could not live with them, as well as the mortals, thus making him an underworld god.

Osiris’ death was later avenged by Horus, son of Isis and Osiris.

It was also said that the process of embalming and mummification started on Osiris.

Such was their story.

The Life-Giving Sun

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Ra in his solar barge

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Ra, considered as the greatest among the Egyptian Pantheon, was highly respected not only by other gods and goddesses but by the mortals as well. It could be noticed on how the ancient Egyptians regarded the sun as their life-giving force.

Ra was known as their creator, at the same time, a solar deity. The ancient Egyptians believed that he created the universe (in some account, it is said that a golden egg came from darkness or chaos, and inside this egg Ra was born), also, the rising and the setting of the sun was also connected to this sun-god, wherein the Egyptians believed that Ra traveled riding on a boat and is guarded by Seth and Bastet against the snake Apep.

Sun-god Ra never had a queen or wife but had several children, also became gods and goddesses.

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