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I have an account with deviantart, and I also admire works that are truly interesting and enchanting.

As of now, let’s start the list with Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, craft and war. She is Zeus‘ favorite daughter. Myth has it that when Zeus hears the prophecy that if a child will be born from his union with Metis, this child will become more powerful than he, so he thought of a way to deal with this. Afraid of the prophecy to happen, Zeus swallowed the pregnant Metis. Though swallowed, she still conceived her child and made an armor and weapon for her. When the child is “ready to be delivered”, Zeus experienced a “headache” so painful he asked to have his head split open. After doing so, with a loud voice, Goddess Athena sprang from his head, fully-grown, with her armor and weapon.

Below you can see some of the finest illustrations of Athena from DeviantArt. Credits are given to the artists who made this. You can also visit their profile to admire their other artworks. Enjoy browsing! 🙂

AthenaAthena by Genzoman

Athena by mmmmmr

Athena by SaraRichard

Athena by InertiaK

Athena by redheaded-step-child

Athena by miss-velance

Athena by Alayna

Athena by EleosInteractive

You’ve seen some of the great illustrations of the Greek Goddess Athena. Do you know other pictures that we can add here? Hope you enjoyed this collection. Feel free to comment! 🙂


More posts and manga pages to follow


My apologies for not posting much these pat few days, just got very busy and trying to meet the deadline. Hopefully, I will be posting my works (additional pages from my manga) this weekend. 🙂

The pages include the front page, chapter page and 4 additional content pages. As of now, this chapter will focus more about Greek mythology followed by Egyptian mythology, Norse mythology and lastly, Aztec Mythology.

Also, the following chapters will be about how these gods ( I won’t give any clue 😛 ) spend their days as mere mortals, how they see that the world they ruled before is very different from the world they are living with now.

Follow Kazuya, Lee Gyul, Lu Hsien and Tetsuo as they continue to live their lives with these said gods…

Artemis the Virgin Huntress

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Artemis, Greek goddess of the Hunt

Artemis, Greek goddess of the Hunt

As a child, Artemis asked her father Zeus to remain eternal virgin, and she became one of the three virgin goddesses in the Greek Pantheon (there are three virgin goddesses–Athena, Artemis and Hestia). Artemis would love to explore the wild, the mountains and she had absolute sovereignty over nature.

Artemis was usually accompanied by Nymphs and Oceanids, Artemis wanted that her followers, also huntresses, would stay virgin just as she was. She loved to hunt with arrows dipped in poison.

It was also said that when a woman died a sudden death, it was Artemis responsible for it.

Ode to the thunder-god Zeus

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Zeus with a laurel crown. Gold stater from Lam...

Image via Wikipedia

“In the world where Greek gods and goddesses rule,

lies the king who lives like a fool.

A twist of fate has been foreseen,

the downfall of this king from his kin…

Amidst of it all,

a chance to change was his call.

This king, battered and wounded,

realized his fault.

Now, living in the world of sacred vault,

to unite with others was his only hope.

Upon winning the battle he must cope,

he swore he would never lose..

This king’s name is Zeus…”

useful link:Kazuya’s profile  –  get to know more Kazuya.

Zeus’ Limits


Art showing the three fates, losslessly croppe...

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No matter how powerful Zeus may seem, his powers had their limits because he had neither the right nor the ability to intervene the decisions of the Fates.

An account once told of  Hera questioning her husband Zeus by asking him if he had the power to extend a mortal’s life destined by the Fates to die.

Ares the Unwanted


So-called “Ludovisi Ares”. Pentelic marble, Ro...

Image via Wikipedia

For whatever reason, Zeus failed to bond with his son, the war god Ares.
It may also be weird that considering Ares as the only son Zeus had with Hera (in legal terms, since Hera is Zeus’ queen-wife), Zeus was not even concerned when young Ares went missing a few years later and didn’t quite exert much effort looking for his poor son.

Unknowingly, the young Ares had been kidnapped by the giant Aloadai twins, who locked him in a bronze jar. Ares stayed captive in the bronze jar, and with Hermes‘ help he was saved.

Upon returning to Olympus, Hera decided that Ares’ might be better off living somewhere else and arranged for him to live with Priapus, one of the minor deities. This deity  trained the young Ares in the art of dancing, and, later, in the martial arts.

Even though Ares was well-trained and known as the god of war, he wasn’t a great fighter and lost many of his battles (including the popular Trojan War),
especially those dealing with his half-sister and arch-enemy Athena, the goddess of wisdom as well as the goddess of war (not to mention being Daddy’s favorite).

The Inventor Hephaestus

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Vulcan. Marble, reception piece for the French...

Image via Wikipedia

Hephaestus, the lame god of fire and forge,  is known for inventing the three-legged stool (like a tripod) and the world’s first robots  (his helpers, includes a complete set of life-size golden handmaidens who helped around the house). The Roman name for Hephaestus is Vulcan, and his workplace is also located on a volcano.

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