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My apologies for not posting much these pat few days, just got very busy and trying to meet the deadline. Hopefully, I will be posting my works (additional pages from my manga) this weekend. 🙂

The pages include the front page, chapter page and 4 additional content pages. As of now, this chapter will focus more about Greek mythology followed by Egyptian mythology, Norse mythology and lastly, Aztec Mythology.

Also, the following chapters will be about how these gods ( I won’t give any clue 😛 ) spend their days as mere mortals, how they see that the world they ruled before is very different from the world they are living with now.

Follow Kazuya, Lee Gyul, Lu Hsien and Tetsuo as they continue to live their lives with these said gods…


Ode to the thunder-god Zeus

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“In the world where Greek gods and goddesses rule,

lies the king who lives like a fool.

A twist of fate has been foreseen,

the downfall of this king from his kin…

Amidst of it all,

a chance to change was his call.

This king, battered and wounded,

realized his fault.

Now, living in the world of sacred vault,

to unite with others was his only hope.

Upon winning the battle he must cope,

he swore he would never lose..

This king’s name is Zeus…”

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As we were about to embarked in our car. We’ve seen Kazuya Katsunaga’s car passed by, since this is a rare chance, we followed him secretly. Kazuya is the Bearer of the Thunder God Zeus and he is also the sole heir of the Katsunaga Group of Companies. We tried our luck as we approached him. And the fates must be on our side when he agreed on a one-on-one interview…

zeus x kazuya

… I AM Kazuya Harui Katsunaga.

… PEOPLE WILL EASILY RECOGNIZE ME BECAUSE of how I presented myself. Sometimes, looks could be very deceiving. It’s how you carry yourself that makes those idiots see you in a manner that you’re superior to them.

… I THINK PEOPLE LIKE ME BECAUSE of my money. A lot of it. the world is full of leeches. These people will be happy to lick the dirt of your shoes thinking that they could be close to you and use you and your money. They would always say that money is not everything but they’re down on their knees the moment you show them the moolah. Such pathetic creatures.

… ATTITUDE PROBLEM? PEOPLE THINK THAT I AM a snobbish, ruthless, arrogant guy. Can’t help it, if I show them mercy, they would want everything. It’s like giving them a sandwich and they’ll take your whole arm! Being selfish is not that bad, you’re just protecting yourself from those scum.

… I REALLY HATE IT WHEN they’d tell me how great and good I am but they meant otherwise. I feel furious thinking how those god-forsaking maggots pretended that they like you even if you’re insulting them right on their faces.

… DURING MY FREE TIME, I TEND TO roam around the city. I’m not the type who enjoys painting the town red, I just like to wander around with my car and stay on top of a cliff looking at the city thinking of a way for me to be finally happy.

… I WOULD LOVE TO WASTE MY TIME joining dangerous races. It’s like an ecstasy, seeing all those actions and to feeling the force caused by my breaks’ sudden stop.

… I AM EASILY UPSET WHEN things don’t go my way.

… I LIKE PEOPLE WHO are not like the common people I used to see. I hate two-faced assholes who like to kiss butts. I prefer someone who would not be scared saying what he feels like and proves it.

… WOMEN? I want an extraordinary woman, someone who shows no fear and yet so afraid of losing someone she dearly loves. That’s what I really want, to feel someone who loves me for me. To be secured enough that she cares for me, only me.

… HOW DID YOU MEET YOUR FRIENDS? As I’ve mentioned earlier, I was roaming around that unfaithful day when i saw them chasing a female monster. I got curious so I followed them around. Nevertheless, I realized that those idiots needed some help since the monster nearly turned them into living statues. I decided to save their miserable lives and look what I’ve got… They turned my peaceful life upside down.

… HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT ZEUS? Ever since I remember, he’s already there, inside me. I’m used to seeing him in the mirror, talking with him, playing with him. He’s like a living breathing talking part of me.

… ARE YOU COMFORTABLE WITH ZEUS LIVING INSIDE YOU? As for now, yes, I feel a little secure with him. It’s like we’re business partners; he’ll decide and I’ll execute his plans. As simple as that.

… DID YOU FIND ZEUS AMAZING? Certainly not amusing. He’s a colonial nutcase at times. It would be wise to remind him his disposition.

… DID ZEUS ANNOY YOU? Most of the time, yes. He wants everything to be done the way he wanted but I want the opposite so he has a little choice.

… DID YOU EVER THINK THAT ONE DAY, ZEUS WILL LEAVE YOU? Hoping for that day to come! I can’t live my life the way I want to because of him. He’s like a female magnet and he’s ruining my life with his Casanova‘s lifestyle.


… IF YOU WOULD BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN RA, ODIN OR TEZCATLIPOCA TO LIVE WITH YOU INSTEAD OF ZEUS, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? No one, as I say, I highly value my freedom. For me, living with any of them is like a serious offense with one’s privacy.

… ANY MESSAGE FOR ZEUS? Zeus, we’ve been together for as long as I can remember. I value what we’ve been through and what I’ve learned from you. I know the battle has just begun and for that, you can count on me. I’ll fight by your side.

… ANY MESSAGE FOR YOUR FRIENDS? They already know what I think of them, no need to use lengthy messages. All I want to say is consisted of three words: “We will win.”

dioses characters – the mortals

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the mortals

The gods’ mortal counterparts, (clockwise, from left – Lu Hsien, Tetsuo, Lee Gyul, Kazuya)

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