The Moirae, also known as the Fates, are the goddesses known to spin the thread of every mortal’s life. They are the ones in-charge of every person’s destiny.

Three goddesses composed this group. There are several versions on who their parents are, among these versions are the following:

* Zeus and Themis, the Titan Goddess of Divine Law and Justice
– this couple also bore the Horae (Horai)
* Nyx (no father)
– Nyx, the goddess of the Night, also bore the Erinyes, Moros, Thanatos, Hypnos, the Keres, Nemesis and Eris (Nyx’s offsprings vary, depending on several versions)

The three goddesses are:

* Klotho / Clotho – the one who spin the thread of life.
* Lachesis / Lakhesis – the one who measured the thread of life.
* Atropos – the one who cut the thread of life.

They are such powerful deities that even the mighty gods and goddesses, including Zeus, had no control or power over them.

You can see below some of the art from deviantART depicting the Moirae (Fates).

Fates by Aemika

Destiny Lies in Six Hands by Svera

De Moirai by Ysa

* Thanks to the artists who allowed me to have their art featured here. Credits to you all, guys! 🙂